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Swim Lessons
2022 Swim Lessons

Session 1: June 20th- June 30th *Full*
Session 2: July 11th- July 21st
Session 3: July 25th- August 4th

9:00 am (Level 1)
10:00 am (Level 2)
11:00 am (Level 3)
4:00 pm (Level 1)
5:00 pm (Level 2 & 3)

$60 for each session (Monday-Thursday) payable to HCRA on first day of lessons
5:00-6:00 pm (Except on home swim meet evenings- 7/13)
Make up days due to weather will be made up on a Friday

LEVEL 1- (approx ages 2-4) generally works on floating in the water, being able to blow water out of the mouth instead of inhaling it, getting comfortable with the water, basic kicks (freestyle and backstroke), and of course fun water games to make the course enjoyable.

LEVEL 2- (approx ages 5-6) generally works on basic (freestyle and backstroke) strokes and kicks, still works on the basic water skills in level one just more advanced. We go off the diving board

LEVEL 3- (approx ages 6+) generally works on swimming the whole length on the Z-pool, less water games and more of a focus on swimming skills and strokes.


Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons based on your child's level. See the description.

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